Logo Meaning

Despite its apparent simplicity, the logo of Leslie Law, LLC , has deeper meaning.

Together, we are the red side of the scales of justice.  Red is emblematic of how fiercely we will fight for you, and not coincidentally, also the color of Alison Leslie’s hair.  Note that the scales of justice tilts toward red, in your and our favor and away from the opposition, the dark side.

If you look carefully, the central support bar forms a large “L”, which stands for Leslie Law.

The weight holders are detached, but somehow remain in place and stable throughout the rocky divorce process.  This detachment represents the detachment of divorce, but also the steadiness with which we guide you through the process, despite the separation.

Finally, the Goddess Justitia, often seen holding the scales of justice, is missing.  That’s because she is blindfolded and we ensure that your eyes are wide open to any potential problems, throughout the divorce process.

Let us know if you spot any other hidden meanings in the logo.

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