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A Prenup Is Not A Prelude To Divorce

Getting a prenuptial agreement is not a precursor to divorce. A premarital agreement can help prepare a couple for a variety of “worst-case scenarios,” including death or disability of a spouse or divorce. Although you should absolutely create a prenup when one or both spouses will enter the marriage with a large amount of property or wealth, agreements are not just for the super wealthy.

Premarital property rights or business assets can be protected in case of divorce. A prenuptial agreement allows you to state how non-marital and marital property should be divided. Issues you can decide upon prior to your marriage will not need to be contested at a more stressful time. Every step you take to protect your future can actually bring you closer together as a couple and create a better understanding of your partner.

A prenup should be prepared in advance of your wedding, not immediately before! Call us sooner rather than later!

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